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Digital Marketing And Advertising Strategy Vs Traditional

Traditional marketing avenues actually pack a lot of punch when it comes to getting in front of your customers. As a professional who spends his or her time being contracted by another company, it’s nice to be able to quantify you’re value. Marketers were now able to reach out to potential prospects all over the world with a tailored message, track their results, and prove their worth to their clients through ROI. It also allowed marketers to speak directly to their audience to gain a better understand of who they were.

I think, perhaps, that traditional methods have rather blended with the virtual methods of marketing. The two often rely on one another to bring a business overall marketing success. The final stage is purchase, the prospective customer has a decision to make – your product, a competitor’s product or none at all. This information can then be used to craft content that effectively engages consumers, portrays the company’s knowledge and elicits trust. The marketing funnel is a visualization tool used to understand the process of turning leads into paying customers from a marketing perspective. Now we’ve talked about how marketing and product marketing work together, let’s take a look at where both skill sets combine/crossover to turn a lead into a customer. Merrily Orsini, MSSW, is Managing Director of corecubed, a marketing communications company that specializes in web, print and marketing for the home care and home health industries.

But when we compare the effect and achievement of each, do you know which usually works better? It really is experiential marketing that has the particular edge over traditional advertising.

Earlier, the market segmentation when it was started in the 1950s, it was purely done based on geography, age, gender, profession, and income. Due to the availability of different channels, advertisers often cross-promote the brands that help them to connect with their target audience at different points. Marketers now build a meaningful relationship with their consumers and request the audience to participate in the brand building process. Yet, we all still walk around and live in reality, as much as many of us would seemingly love to live within the virtual world, so is this really true?

Marketers could finally test certain strategies and view the competing success rates. Another factor that contributes to sports marketing success is the amount of time spent looking at your company logo and other engaging information. Take radio ads for example, and think of the last time you heard a radio ad. More than likely, your answers to these questions are “no. ” Individuals are consuming music in new ways. People are willing to spend an extra $5 a month on a music subscription to not hear ads. Hence, the lack of engagement and enjoyable sensory experience makes traditional marketing lag behind experiential technology marketing. In short, traditional marketing lacks the personal touch that experiential marketing has with its storytelling like approach.

Ms. Orsini now has 30 years of experience in home care with 18-years as a private duty business owner and geriatric care manager, and 13 years in marketing home care. She is a frequent national speaker, and for further marketing tips, can be followed on her blog at or on Twitter @MerrilyO. Today, a home care agency’s website should be the hub for all of its marketing efforts. A well designed and helpful website is the one medium needed to reach the largest number of clients in today’s market.

Marketing Traditional

They could capture names, job titles, age range, email, gender, you name it. Once they had an understanding of who they were talking to, they were then able to craft marketing messages that were more specific to their audience. And best of all, data tracking allowed them to see what was working and what wasn’t.