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Using Buy Now Switches To Sell On Your Current Blog Or Website

Ahrefs shows that the site ranks in the top 10 for several high intent commercial keywords with medium to low traffic volume. It’s a goldmine of marketing insights that you can use to understand what makes businesses successful. Start by figuring out which digital offering to sell.

By keeping a close eye on your metrics, you’ll be better equipped to grow your business. For a full list of marketing strategies, check out these 16 fool-proof marketing strategies and these additional 8 marketing strategies for new products. Bundle your digital downloads – You can package several of your digital downloads into bundled offerings to make more money while improving convenience for the customer. Need some instruction on how to create a decent sales video? We have a guide on how to shoot quality video from your iPhone and a how-to on recording videos for online courses that you may find helpful. It’s now time to set up the page where your customers access your digital downloads, referred to as your sales page. These are all helpful pieces of content that your audience can benefit from, but the sky’s the limit.

Selling From Website

Formats vary from templates and cheat sheets to ebooks and tools. Pros of using a marketplace consist of having access to mass audience traffic and branding. Some cons of using your own site are needing coding help if you use sites like WordPress vs. an all-in-one platform with a subdomain. Pros of using your own site include keeping your profits, better managing your customer relationships, and avoiding limiting business restrictions. There are pros and cons to using your own site vs . a marketplace to sell your digital downloads.

The benefits of using your very own website and an multiple platform to sell electronic digital downloads far outweigh typically the disadvantages. Because these areas are generally large operations, you are going to likely have to hold out a significant timeframe just before seeing the funds inside your bank account. Typically the biggest glaring drawback regarding using a marketplace will be the fees involved. As I actually mentioned earlier, whether it may be a listing fee or perhaps transaction fee, you’ll most likely need to pay added premiums to host your current digital products issues program. Take Amazon by way of example — 53. 4% of men and women are additional willing to purchase coming from a mysterious brand if typically the item shows up on Amazon’s marketplace or any additional site.

The site gets nearly 50, 000 page views per month out of which 47% comes from social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Nutrition You Can Use is a great example of how to create a loyal community around your site using well-researched and high quality content. Grow search traffic by targeting a wider range of topics since DIY is a huge niche. Very detailed and high quality content with lots of images, annotated screenshots, and video guides. The site doesn’t rank for any high traffic keywords but attracts most of its visitors from low traffic long-tail keywords. Make the design clutter-free since most of the content pages are overcrowded with ad units.

The main takeaway is to focus on providing value and delivering a specific result to your end user. To help you get started, here are three great examples of digital downloads and their price points. You can also grab a comprehensive guide on setting a price for your digital downloads over here.

The owner is a qualified nutritionist and uses this to his advantage by repeatedly mentioning this in his content. A major reason for the site’s high-quality content is its owner who’s a qualified nutritionist and health coach. This is also probably why the site has a decent following on Pinterest and Twitter. All the articles on the site follow a set structure and are pretty in-depth with a lot of stats and examples.