Season 1,

Part 8 – The Filipino Teen Gamer Gang Predicament

August 30, 2016

Our journey thus far has been full of surprises, but this we couldn’t make up if we tried. In this week’s episode we find ourselves on the other end of the negotiating table with a gang of teenaged gamers from the Philippines. They’ve got our Twitter handle, we need to convince them to give it to us. We get advice from someone who has been in this situation before, but these teen gamers won’t be easily convinced…

Special thanks to TechCrunch “journalisting” extraordinaire @Haje Jan Kamps. Check him out on TC, here and on medium.

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Music credits

Theme song: Something Elated by Broke For Free

Royal Entrance by Visager

all by Ryan Little:
Falling Down
Get up

Show Notes
  • 2:30

    So, wasn’t going to convince them based on my good looks. We needed a different approach…

  • 13:20

    @marifewahine to the rescue! If you’re reading this, please please please tweet Marife!

  • 18:01

    The awesome article Brian found.

  • 18:56

    @Haje pal!

  • 25:22

    The Twitter form

  • 28:08

    @twitter, if you’re listening, please don’t come after us 🙂

  • 31:42

    WE DID IT!!!! Hit us up at @nexcast

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