Season 1,

Part 4: Community

July 25, 2016

Telling your own story can be hard. Making a good podcast about that story is even harder. I get some great advice from some friendly folks as I look at the tech and podcast communities and learn what makes them special.

Our podcast journey began in a Slack community called Maker Hunt where people from the community gather to chat, network, and help each other out. I talk to the creator of this cool corner of the internet Eric Willis. He tells me how he first got connected with Product Hunt and became the community manager there.

I then talk to Josh Muccio who is the host and producer of the podcast version of Shark Tank called The Pitch
He gives me a reality check and gets me to take this whole podcasting thing a lot more seriously.

He introduces me to The Intern podcast which tells the personal tale of Allison Behringer as she begins a new tech job in New York city. Once again I get hit with the realities of telling a story in this medium.

The tech community turns out to be very unique and people are surprisingly giving of their time.

We also get an interesting email from our developer, Anthony. You’re going to want to stay tuned for what’s next…

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A very special thanks to…

Eric Willis (@erictwillis)

Josh Muccio (@joshmuccio)

Allison Behring (@albtweetin)


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Show Notes
  • 0:04

    check out Eric Willis

  • 4:55

    check out Josh Muccio

  • 8:45

    check out Allison Behringer

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