Season 1,

Part 2: How it Began

July 11, 2016

“So you spent the first few years trying to pitch this idea to podcast celebrities, trying to get a business model and totally get ignored. Then you bail on a startup that you’d sunk a year into and about 10 grand on. Then you magically built this team, one person off of a reddit thread, and the other by doing a bait-n-switch on a legitimate programmer who just happened to have the exact skill set you were looking for?”

That recap from Marife says it all…

Next we listen in to how we named our podcast in one of our rare team recordings. This may seem like things are going well, but you’ll soon see that everything isn’t cotton candy and smiling baby Pokemon in the near future.

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Theme song: Something Elated by Broke For Free


Show Notes
  • 1:10


  • 1:20

    Back in the day…. 2001 to be exact!
    EP2 - meandmarife

  • 2:02

    PODMASTER is still seeking investors
    EP2 - joeRagan_Podtrack-2

  • 2:49

    It’s not a plug if it’s your own show… right?

  • 4:15

    Try, try, try again!
    EP2 - Podcaster_iphone_list

  • 4:45

    EP2 - Carolla_mangria

  • 6:16

    Episode 13

  • 7:30

    the man @sacca

  • 11:19

    We met on Reddit…
    EP2 - aidenredditshot

  • 18:50

    Not sooo different…
    EP2 - buildItWithus

  • 22:28

    Woodn’t want to get confused with these guys! (its a great show btw, check it out if you’re into wood…)
    The Woodworking Podcast

  • 23:35

    If all else fails!

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