Season 1,

Intermission: How to spin a story

August 15, 2016

We’re taking a hot second to try something new. As you may recall, Part 1 of this epic journey got started in Silicon Valley, where Brian pitched the company for the first time ever at Blab. There were both highs and lows, good points and not so good points, but we ultimately decided to highlight the rough parts of that experience to showcase the realities of pitching a startup. You know, to keep it real real.

Well in today’s episode, we explore the power of framing and interpretation as we present the same episode in a new and positive light. With a bunch of unreleased recordings from that trip, we tell the story that we originally decided not to tell. The good stuff. And with everything that we’ve endured so far, we figured some positive energy is a bit overdue.

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Music credits

Theme song: Something Elated by Broke For Free

While She Sleeps (Morning Edit) by The Lights Galaxia

Oaken by Music For Makers

Show Notes
  • 2:18

    First pitch ever with Shaan Puri (@shaanVP) at Blab
    Remember Blab’s baller bar?


  1. Jake says:

    Is there supposed to be audio on this post?

    1. bnexcast says:

      Hey Jake, yes, you caught us right before we’re about to post! The episode should be up in the next hour or so. Thanks for listening!

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